Online Campaigns

How It Works

Before the Campaign

  • Familiarize yourself with VegFund's website and guidelines.
  • Select an appropriate demographic to target and ad network.
  • Decide on the video you’ll be showing. For more ideas, please visit
  • Create a unique campaign website to drive traffic to.
  • Find volunteers who can help respond to comments and questions posted to the site.
  • Download the online campaigns screening questionnaire.

During the Campaign

  • Make sure to monitor your ads on a regular basis looking for trends in cost - increasing volume to those that are performing well and slowing others that may be lagging.
  • Keep up on the comments and questions posted to the site or associated social media page. This is one of the best opportunities to interact with a viewer one-on-one and provide invaluable insight that may guide their transition to veganism.
  • Build new ads to keep users engaged.

After the Campaign

  • Online campaigns are ongoing projects. With continued success we can partner with you indefinitely!
  • Progress reports are expected on a monthly basis and used as a prerequisite for reimbursement. Submit these by the 10th of the following month.