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VegFund provides grants to vegan activists to support their outreach efforts. We fund programs all over the world that inspire people to go and stay vegan.

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Growing Demand - Help Us Help You

Thanks to all your hard work, VegFund's global network of advocates continues to grow and demand for our programs is at an all time high! To help us continue serving the largest number of activists possible, we'd like to remind everyone to please be careful to follow all guidelines for applications, events, and follow-up forms. This will ensure that we can process your applications and reimbursements in a timely manner, and that you will not lose out on eligible funding. Important things to remember include, but are not limited to:

* Before filling out an application, please read through our guidelines to ensure that your project or event is optimal for the grant program you're applying for. Please apply at least 2 weeks prior to your event date (4 weeks for non-US applicants).

* If approved, pay very close attention to your approved expenses. Any changes to your request or event details need to be submitted BEFORE your event by replying to the award letter. We cannot reimburse for expenses that have not been explicitly approved.

* At your event, remember that you are required to take photos of the mandatory VegFund signage, literature, food (if any), and your event and/or booth attendees in action.

* If you cannot complete your follow-up by the due date (1 month post-event) for any reason (including delayed event, delayed receipts, or personal issues), please contact us BEFORE the deadline to request an extension. If we close a grant because the reimbursement form is past its due date, it will no longer be eligible for reimbursement.

Fall/Winter - Great Time for Vegans!

After some great activism this winter, spring, and summer, the last months of the year are already upon us! Here are some ways to take advantage:

1.) Now that students are hard at work again, it's a good time to get into (or back into) Food Sampling and Pay Per View activism. This is a good time of year for warming comfort foods and for holiday-related themes.

2.) As you prepare to attend various holiday gatherings, always remember to bring along your most mouthwatering, crowd-pleasing vegan dishes. You may even want to give chocolate chip cookies like these or other delicious vegan treats as gifts!

Food Sampling

Want to give people in your community the opportunity to try delicious vegan food? VegFund provides reimbursement for food samples, serving supplies, educational literature, and booth fees. Learn more here.

Health Vs. Ethical Vegetarianism

There is ongoing debate within the vegetarian and vegan advocacy world about whether health-based or ethical arguments are more persuasive in getting people to give up meat and animal products. Some people say animal cruelty awareness is effective because it implies a moral imperative, while others say it's better to tap into people's self-interest with a health-based argument. Some researchers recently looked into what actually motivates most vegetarians, which should give us ideas to direct our activism.

Read on to learn about the results of the study and how you may be able to use them to your advantage.