VegFund Research at NEVF!


On April 26th, as part of a new research initiative to learn more about how VegFund’s programs affect dietary behavior, VegFund sponsored a screening of Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret at the wildly successful New England VegFest (formerly Worcester VegFest), along with a survey to film viewers.


Thousands of people – most of them not yet vegan – attended this free festival full of great vegan food, cruelty-free companies, animal advocates, and eye-opening talks.

The screening was well-attended, with a full room of about 120 viewers who were exposed to the shocking impact of modern-day agriculture on the environment and animals. Withe the assistance of several volunteers, VegFund’s Amanda Riley distributed a survey to these viewers to learn about their dietary habits and whether they were influenced by the film. We will follow up with them on their dietary habits after one month.


Vegan Treats!

Given the proven power of documentaries, we are very excited to see what more we can discover about the effectiveness of screenings, so we can incorporate any insights into our programming.