Merit Award Spotlight: Twin Cities Veg Fest 2014

twin-cities-veg-fest-2014-exhibitor-hall-aboveVegFund helped fund many veg fests and other projects in 2014 through our Merit Awards program. One was the growing, annual Twin Cities Veg Fest in Minnesota, hosted by Compassionate Action for Animals. They reached about 1,500 non-vegans (about 2/3 of the total attendance) not only through a variety of vegan talks, cooking demos, and vendors, but also with their own food sampling and pay per view efforts! [Note: The food samples and pay per view cash incentives for this event were not funded by VegFund.]

The food sampling involved vegan ice cream sandwiches as well as vegan turkey and mayo sandwiches. They estimated that they gave out about 2,000 of each, and this doesn’t include the hundreds of samples given away at cooking demos or by vendors!

The pay per view reached fewer people, about 179, but most of these people were thoroughly touched by their new knowledge of the cruelties of factory farming. Most of them were not aware of the issues before and were shocked but grateful to learn about them.

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15386597762_fc6d02fd28_zOne other interesting touch was a Meatless Monday proclamation announced by Minneapolis councilman Cam Gordon. It recommends that residents practice Meatless Mondays in order to help animals and the environment (as well as their own health).

A VegFund Merit Award’s role in funding veg fests is typically, as in this case, to assist with advertising expenses that allow event organizers to attract a large number of non-vegans that they would not otherwise be able to reach. If you have a veg fest planned soon and think this funding may help you, check out our Merit Award guidelines.

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