Food Sampling Spotlight: VegVUW, New Zealand

vegvuw1One of the many food sampling events that VegFund helped fund in 2014 was carried out by an organization called VegVUW in New Zealand. They gave out a host of delicious vegan samples: coconut yogurt with passionfruit syrup; chocolate, vanilla, and caramel-flavored puddings; vanilla, chocolate, and plain soy milks; and almond milk. The caramel pudding seemed to be the most popular, but all of the samples triggered lots of positive comments and questions, so they were all clearly well-liked!

Overall, VegVUW estimates that they gave out over 500 food samples and 200 vegan booklets.



vegvuw2 vegvuw3


VegFund is happy to help out with eligible vegan food sampling and other events throughout the world! If you’re new to applying for funding, you can start by reviewing our guidelines.

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