July/August 2012 Volunteer Spotlight: Stefani Aguallo

Stefani Aguallo

By Kimberly Dreher, VegFund Program Director

Stefani became a vegetarian 5 years ago when her father gave her an article on factory farming. At the time, Stefani thought following a vegan diet would be too difficult. Then, two years later after reading a few books on veganism, she made the switch. It wasn’t long before Stefani decided that she wanted to do more. She began volunteering forĀ Compassion Over Killing, helping out with administrative duties, feed-ins, event tabling, and a bake sale. Stefani would also like to focus her career on helping animals and is working on a bachelor’s degree in English to further the cause through writing.

Recently, VegFund had the pleasure of working with Stefani when she volunteered to assist with several projects. We were impressed by her work ethic, positive attitude, and enthusiasm, and she did a fantastic job with all of the volunteer duties. We’re honored to recognize Stefani as our featured volunteer and are excited to see what she’ll accomplish in the future.