March/April 2012 Volunteer Spotlight: Pilar Posada

Pilar Posada

By Kimberly Dreher, VegFund Program Director

Pilar always loved animals. However, it wasn’t until four years ago, when she saw footage from undercover investigations, that she made the switch to a vegetarian diet and started using products that aren’t tested on animals. She’s still in the process of exploring cruelty-free alternatives to the products she used to enjoy.

Pilar primarily discovers activism opportunities and meets like-minded friends through Facebook, which is where she originally learned about the animal rights movement. She helps organizations by donating her time and work as a graphic designer. She has a knack for expressing causes effectively, often getting asked by activists if they can use her designs in campaigns or simply share them with others.  She’s worked with many organizations, including Earthrace ConservationThe Humane PartyBeagle Freedom Project, and Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.

She helped VegFund with several graphic design projects, including business cards and stationary, as well as the required Food Sampling sign and Video Outreach sign.  We’re grateful for Pilar’s dedication to the AR movement, and it is with great pleasure that we recognize her as our featured volunteer.