Nov/Dec 2011 Volunteer Spotlight: Ron Landskroner

By Kimberly Dreher, VegFund Program Director

Ron advocates for animals and a more sustainable, healthy, harmonious, sane, and compassionate world.  After living as a vegetarian for almost two decades, he recently transitioned to veganism.  His continuing goal is to help people connect the dots of our myriad societal problems while simultaneously endeavoring to put both individuals and groups in touch with each other.  To that end, Ron has volunteered with a number of organizations.

Ron serves as an advisor for the Jewish Vegetarians of North America newsletter and helped promote the video, A Sacred Duty. He also helped spread the word aboutVegucated and is assisting Dr. Melanie Joy with the establishment of an organization that provides support to current and aspiring vegans.  Additionally, he is serving as an intern with Dr. Michael Greger, helping categorize and organize material for the new website, as well as assisting with promotion and publicity.

Recently, despite his busy schedule, Ron committed over 200 hours to compile a comprehensive list of animal-rights related college groups.  This list enabled VegFund to reach out to students across the country and inform them of our programs.  It’s been an honor to work with Ron, and it is with great pleasure that we recognize him as our volunteer of the month.