Sept/Oct 2011 Volunteer Spotlight: Prabhat Gautam

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By Kimberly Dreher, VegFund Program Director

Prabhat is a human and animal rights activist.  He serves on the Board of Directors for the L.A. Veg Society and Towards Freedom, serves on the Fur Free West HollywoodCommittee, and is the Founder and CEO of Positive Television, which brings together celebrities to talk about their favorite causes and charities.  Prabhat is currently working with Carolyn Mullen and Patty Shenker on opening the world’s first animal rights museum, which will be located in Los Angeles.  Prabhat’s biggest passion is humane education, and anytime there is a large vegan event taking place in L.A., there’s a good chance that Prabhat helped make it happen.

Recently, despite his busy schedule, Prabhat committed over 200 hours to help categorize videos for VegFund’s newest project,  It’s been an honor to work with Prabhat, and it is with great pleasure that we recognize him as our volunteer of the month.